Snap Chattin

Some say that when you finally accept yourself you truly become happy.

For most of us it’s a journey that can take a little longer than others. For once I finally fell in love with Snap Chat. It can be so hard to be yourself on social media let alone the internet. People concisely judging you and if you doing blogging as well you know the struggle of bring attention to your blog. I always feel like I selling myself and never can truly be myself.

So when I decided to give Snap Chat another chance it really surprised me.

I love using their Geo-Filters and sharing my stories with others. I felt like it forced me out of my shell (social media wise). Like the other day I shared a 30 second video of me singing along using one of the filters. To tell you the truth it was really fun. I stopped caring if people thought I was a good singer or who saw it. It became more about having fun than being amazing at it.

So I wanted to share this little thing that has bought me joy lately. Comment below what your secret joy is and feel free to like it.

P.s. if you want to follow me on snapchat my username is erika_isa24.

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