Self-Reflecting weekend

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Last Friday I got some shocking news from my sister.

One of the girls I went to high school with was in a horrible car accident. She was driving on the 210 merging to the 15 freeway and was hit by a dump truck that didn’t see her. As it tapped her car, it cause it to start spinning and flipped several times before she was ejected from the car.

It was such a heart breaking story because this girl; Faith Hawkins was such a beautiful person. She was the rare person who was beautiful inside and out. I had the pleasure of getting to know her through a musical play we were both in. She had such an amazing singing voice that I always felt that she was going to go places. Never did I think that this would ever happen to her. After reading that story, it really proved to me that you have to be alert at all times. You can’t always think that everyone is being a safe driver because things can just go wrong in a blink of an eye.

All weekend I thought about her and how unfair it was that she had to be taken away like that.  Her story really spoke to me in many different ways. It made me vow that I would be very careful whenever I get behind the wheel. To become more passive and in-tuned with my surroundings. But what inspired me from all this was the kind of person she was. Faith never judged anyone, she never felt like she was better than anyone. Every where she went she brought this energy that was warm and energetic. Whenever you were with her, you could help but smile or feel so overjoyed. She has truly inspired me to be that person. Since she is no longer here to keep it going I want to make a promise to her that I will strive to be as loving and caring as she was. To spread love and positivity where ever I go.

Everyone will deeply miss her and I send nothing but prayers to her family. I hope they find peace in these moments of sorrow.

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