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My Skin Savior

Something you don’t know about me is that I have had trouble skin since I was eleven. Before that I had beautiful clear smooth skin, but when puberty started I lost that.

With the unbalanced hormones in my body I would sometimes get really bad breakouts. My skin started to calm down once I was in high school (thank god). But I would still have to wear foundation in order for me to feel comfortable. I got so bad that I became to rely on it. When I would sleep over friends houses I would go to sleep with it on. This took a huge effect on my self- esteem. I would never be able to accept compliments because I felt deep down that they were just lying. Until one day I decided to open up to my best friend and decided that I would let her see me without make up. Once I did that, it because easier to slowly not wear it all the time.

But I was still embarrassed of it. I would never wear anything to show off my back or body because I was afraid that people would see that my skin was covered in acne scars. It was until recently that I discovered something that finally helped me with my acne.

I was going to get a physical done with a new doctor that one of my co-workers recommended. I went in and as she was checking my heart beat.  As she lifted my shirt to move the stethoscope she noticed all the scarring and acne I had on my back.  She said that she knew this form of anti-botic that help clear acne. So she decided to write me a prescription for it. I was given Minocycline 100 mg and had to take that orally twice a day. Then I was also given a face cream that would help heal my acne and scars. That cream was called Benzaclin 5% – 1% and I would apply it two a day.

Amazingly I was extremely happy with the results! My face cleared up significantly and so did my back. I never in a million year think that I would EVER find a cure for it. Now that’s not to say that I don’t get the occasional pimple. But that’s mostly my fault for not drinking enough water or falling asleep with my make up on.

After finally completing my 90days I was kind of afraid that once I stopped taking the medicine it would come back. I’m proud to say that it hasn’t came back but I have been changing a lot of my bad habits to ensure I keep it that way. But what I’m more excited about is that summer is almost here and I finally can show off my back and body!

I’m planning on rewarding myself and getting a new bathing suit! I will finally be able to wear it without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Happy Friday!!!


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