Monday Motivation

After two weeks off from blogging I managed to get myself centered and refocused.

This weekend I spent some time with my sister and my boyfriend. We got the chance to go to the Huntington Library and have a picnic. Since I had never been there before I completely underestimated how massive the gardens are. We got there around two in the afternoon and left at 4:30. You would think that with two hours we would be able to see the whole park…wrong.

Rose Garden

Lotus Garden

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Japanese Garden

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Chinese Garden

The heat in Pasadena was so bad that it completely slowed us down and made us have to stop for water a couple of times. The gardens we were able to see were the Lotus, Jungle and Japanese Garden. But before they kicked us out we were able to catch a glimpse of the Chinese Garden. It was so breathe taking that we decided that we had to come back and see the rest.

With this new month starting I want to take a new approach to my goals this month. Today I will just share with you a quote that has not only inspired my week but my month.

I wish you all a happy and stress free Monday.

Lots of Love,


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