LA FIDM Shmooz Event

Good Morning Everyone!

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend our alumni event in LA. Every FIDM alumni event is different and isn’t held at the same location.

This year is was held at the New Mart in downtown LA. The purpose of each event is to network with companies that are looking for candidates like you. You also get the chance to network with other alumni from different class years. After exchanging your information with everyone you wait in line for your free food.

Since I love being on time I arrived at the event an hour early. What I thought was so funny is that I arrived so early that no one was there but me. I had my boyfriend tag along since he needs to find more clients for his personal business. So as we made our way around each company table we passed out his card and my resume.

When we left I felt so inspired. As every company saw my resume they would say confidently that they could easily find me  a job doing what I want. I think just those words alone made my day. In an industry where everything is cut throat, its nice to hear that someone else sees potential in you.

After leaving this event my dreams have became bigger . I can’t wait to see what this year brings!



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