IPSY August Glam Bag

Yesterday my IPSY glam bag came in for August.

I’m not going to lie lately I have been very disappointed with my IPSY glam bags. I feel like they really don’t care about what they give their consumer. Before I was just grateful that I was getting to try all these make up products for $10 a month.

But once I got a chance to get monthly bags from Sephora, I noticed the difference. Both bags cost the same amount and yet they are night and day. Sephora just gives you AMAZING things to try out and is the same for everyone (which I love)! No one get something better than the other. While IPSY, I feel gives their best products to those who talk about them more on social media.

So this month was another month of disappointment. I received two of the same products that already tried. Both of which I thought were okay for drugstore quality. The only thing that I wanted was the make up bag. Which I am beyond excited that they gave me the one I wanted.

1.OFRA Cosmetics: OFRA x @DupeThat “You Glow Girl” Highlighter

The brand OFRA has disappointed me for the second time. I was given an eye shadow from them and felt like it wasn’t pigmented enough. It wasn’t surprising that I felt the same about their highlighter too. To push it to its limit I even tried spraying some water on my brush to see if it could pick up more color…it didn’t.

2.Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics: Neapolitan Palette

The shadows are pretty creamy but I found them to be a little chunky when swatching them. One of the things I do like is that they have a nice shimmer to them. The dark brown color is really pretty if you get it smoothed out.

3.Ciaté London: Spinning Teacups

Best nail polish brand I have tried. Normally I stay away from painting my nails because of my daily tasks. They usually start chipping after the first day. But not this brand. I like that I have had it on for 3 day so far and it has not chipped!!


Since I visit Whole Foods often I notice what kind of organic beauty products they carry. One brand I can help but sample a spray or dap of lotion is Pacifica.  So I was pretty excited to see that this month I would be trying something out from them. When opening it up I was worried that the color was too dark. But as I tested it out, it was very light and if you wanted to you could build the amount of color. I loved the sunkissed beach look it gave my cheek bones.

5.Marc Anthony True Professional: Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment

After trying it out for the second time I thought it was okay. Since I recently cut my hair I don’t need any hair deep treatments. When I used it, it just gave me an oily scalp feeling. I couldn’t stand it and took another shower to wash off the treatment from my hair completely.

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