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Halloween Decorating

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Is it me or has this month gone by quickly?

I can’t believe that next week is Halloween. Last week I decided to stop by the local Dollar Tree and Target by my work to see what they had. I was amazed at how quickly everything fell off the shelves. There were some things in stock, but I had to get creative with what they had.

At the Dollar Tree, I spent $3.50 on my office decorations. They were two Halloween garland; one was purple with bats, and the other was white with a ghost. I also got some window decals that easily removable. They glow in the dark and are bats, skulls, and bones.


Since I live in a small apartment, there isn't a lot of things to decorate. I ended up deciding to put some colorful decals on the mirror to at least see every day when we get ready. I also used the leftover garland to the top of the mirror and below our medicine cabinet. For the window decals, I spent about $4.00 for two packets from Target.




Hope you all enjoy your last two weeks of October.

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