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Dia De Los Muertos

I wanted to celebrate the sprits of my grandfather, my dog Petunia and my cat Wicho. Sadly I never got to meet my grandfather but I always hear stories about him. He was known for his unconditional love for his family and for being a hard worker. One of my favorite stories about him was that he would stop by my older cousins houses and drop off chips or sodas in their mailbox. So when they get home a little delicious treat waited for them. My mom and aunts always joke that its because of him that we all love chips and soda. Call me a weirdo but I have always felt a connection with him like he is my guardian angel.

As for my dog Petunia, she was my favorite little doggy in the whole world. I remember getting her as a puppy where I could carry her in my palm. She was always obedient, playful and super sweet. Most importantly she was protective over me and was also my shoulder to cry on. When she died my heart shattered into a million pieces. As a child that’s when I learned about death and it was painful. I remember my cat Wicho being the only one that I let comfort me.

My cat Wicho was actually stolen from my grandma’s neighbor. When my parents were recently married they would spend some time at my grandma’s house. My dad thought that my grandma’s neighbor didn’t take care of the cat well so he stole him. This cat has honestly been my best friend, ever since I was born he never left my side. Many cats hate people and most of them can’t stand kids because of how aggressive they can be with them. But my cat would let me dress him up as a witch, let me mop the floor with him and even let me pick him up. The funny and amazing thing about him was that he was like a dog. He would meow at the door to be let out so he could go to the bathroom. The most amazing thing about him is that he lived a long life. Since he was already big when my parents got him I can’t estimate the exact age but I know that he lived over 15 years.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them or miss them.

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