Crazy Meat Market

Something I love doing is going to crazy Asian markets with my BF. We call them treat adventures. Usually we are looking for great deals on young coconuts because who doesn’t like fresh coconut water. When we do this we go to places like Westminster or Rosemead.

This time we were on our way back from San Diego and decided to stop by Westminster for our usual Asian treats. But what astonished me was the kind of meat or shall I say organs that they carried.

There was pork heart, pork snout, pork uterus and pork stomach. Personally I was so fascinated by it. My BF and his mom couldn’t help but laugh at my reaction.

That by far has been the best Asian market experience. Just the fact that I know how these organs actually look like blows my mind. Like where can you find pork uterus…not ralphs or whole foods that is for sure.

This weekend is the UFC 196 and I’m beyond excited for that! I cannot wait to see Holly and Miesha fight but the main card is going to a crazy one as  well.  You can tell by logo that I’m team McGregor.

Have a fun weekend!


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